Kouhdasht Beekeeping Farm

Kouhdasht Bee Farm started activity in 1980 even before the official establishment of Kouhdasht Beekeeping Production Cooperative Company by Ms. Hosseini and Mr. Nasser Alipour with the aim of producing various honeybee products including natural honey and royal jelly with 5 honeybee colonies. And during more than three decades of specialized activity in the field of honeybee breeding, effective measures were gradually performed in the field of queen breeding and assigning hive to the peasants in the 60s and 70s to transfer technical and applied knowledge and quantitative and qualitative growth of beekeeping in Khorasan province.


This collection currently has 700 honeybee colonies and for harvesting natural honey from the most pristine pastures of the country, annually migrates more than 6,000 kilometers of mountainous pastures with an altitude of 3,000 meters from Hezar Masjed Khorasan to the green plains of Kerman, Hormozgan and Fars provinces.


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