Kouhdasht specialized laboratory of honey 

Kouhdasht specialized laboratory of honey with the aim of physicochemical and microbial examination of various products of honey bee including honey, royal jelly, flower pollen, propolis and honey bee venom has been established in 2016 in the site of Kouhdasht honey factory, in a separate unit under the supervision of research, development and quality control unit of Kouhdasht Beekeeping Production Cooperation.

Considering decades of experience in the field of  producing bee products and employing specialists in the field of herbal medicine, food industry, chemical engineering and medicinal plants, high quality specialized tests are conducted on honey and other products, and all input samples and final product are finally  supplied to domestic and foreign markets with the laboratory approval.

This laboratory has been equipped with the most modern laboratory equipment to provide accurate results and quality grading, and it has effectively attended in checking honey adulteration and presenting a draft for national standards. The last revision (Eighth Edition) of National Standard No. 92 and providing scientific comments on the draft standard was done in this unit. Currently, two national projects related to bee products and writing a draft of standards for honeycomb and flower pollen are being conducted in this laboratory.

As conducting proper physicochemical tests on honey with minimal error requires accurate knowledge of Iranian honeys and mastery of laboratory techniques and guidelines, we apply all our scientific and technical assets, and in this regard, we have acted based on archive of Iranian Honey Bank and the SOP version of national labs.


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