Apitherapy Training Seminar

  •          Organizer: R&D Unit of Kouhdasht Khorasan Co.

  •          Site: Mashhad - Mashhad Pars Hotel Amphitheater
  •          Lecturers: Dr. Behnam Kaviani: Apitherapy, Mohammad Refahi (Engineer), Ismail Ghafouri (Engineer)
  •          Date of holding the course: One Day – November 29th, 2019- 8am to 6pm
  •          Duration of the course: 8 hours
  •          Audiences: Beekeepers, university students, and the people interested in beekeeping and apitherapy
  •          Level of holding: At the country level focusing on Khorasan provinces
  •          Course topics: Apitherapy, Iranian propolis plants, Commercial methods of propolis and honey bee venom
  •          Number of participants: 130 people

Apitherapy is one of the natural remedies in the world that has been common among the Greeks and Chinese since many years ago, and nowadays, because of the spread of side effects and the bad influences of chemical drugs, it has been recognized as one of the least dangerous and non-invasive therapies in Europe, the US and the countries in East Asia. In this treatment which has also become popular in our country in recent years, apitherapy specialists use bee and its products such as honey, royal jelly, pollen and bee venom to treat a variety of diseases. Apitherapy specialists have proven the success of this way of treatment in many diseases such as nervous system diseases, MS, shingles, rheumatism, arthritis, and depression. This treatment is undoubtedly one of the natural remedies that makes the patient independent of taking chemical medications and other popular medical treatments.

Research and Development Unit of Kouhdasht Khorasan held a one day training course in Holy Mashhad on November 29th, 2019 in order to promote the technical and basic knowledge of beekeepers and general enthusiasts. Holding training courses tailored to the needs of beekeepers to solve beekeepers' problems can provide a new part in science-based and applied training for beekeepers in the area. According to the specialized examinations of the research and development unit of Kouhdasht Honey Company in the field of lacking technical knowledge of beekeepers, it was decided to offer a training course on apitherapy.

Attendance of members of the Iranian Honeybee Scientific Society, President of Khorasan Agricultural Extension and Research Center, Director of Veterinary Office of Khorasan Razavi Province, and experts and officials of the Agricultural Jihad of the province were the outstanding points of this program. In the opening ceremony of the training seminar, the unveiling ceremony of the book on the introduction to the valuable herbs in  beekeeping in Iran which was written by the members of Kouhdasht Company, was done.

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