Koohdasht Khorasan Beekeeping Production Cooperative Company with more than three successful experimental sales in selling bee females and offering new products with bee quality (natural honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, wax and propolis) in 1373 on 9329. Founder And the CEO of Ms. Bibi Fatemeh Hosseini Company, we can receive your services from the end of 1961 as a guide for presenting and presenting the Queen of Beekeeping in 68, so that you can be your senior manager through the elderly from 1974 onwards. Select. Pack your products with Dasht Mountain and enter the international area after 1977. This collection can be sent with number 1500 Lenny Bee and is proud to receive more than 200 commendation plaques with the titles of top entrepreneur in 1995, sample beekeeper, sample unit of conversion and complementary industries in 1994, statue of consumer rights in 1994 and 1995 And international standards are quality. Kuhdasht Honey Factory, by observing the GMP conditions under the building of more than 1200 square meters provided with automatic devices, the possibility of adjusting the honey program by providing quality and press using different devices. By providing specialized services and empowerment in industry, teachers and trade and specialized honey laboratories in the correct performance of work using basic and practical services in the field of Iranian slides and the possibility of providing services and distribution of products with international capability and management in commercial markets and Foreign companies can use other companies. Kuhdasht Khorasan Beekeeping Production Cooperative, a member of the International Company, can once again be able to provide you with consulting services and thus be able to provide its services to you.

If you can use the management system to improve your services and be empowered by a specialist company, use the expertise of men and women, you can use the best services provided on your site, to provide services Do it yourself. With the help of hardworking bees you can taste loved ones.

We believe in this path and in this goal of faith, and we can strive in our neighbors so that we can conduct our own experiments and present our work with this sweet heavenly blessing using experts and applicants.


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