The title of course: Advanced Beekeeping

Organizer: Research and Development unit of Kouhdasht Khorasan Honey Company

Site: Mashhad – The amphitheater of Pars Hotel Mashhad

Lecturer: Mr. Hossein Yeganeh Rad - Canada

Course Date: One Day – December 14th, 2017 - From 8 am to 8 pm

• Training duration: 8 hours

Audiences: Beekeepers, university students, and all who are interested in bee keeping and apitherapy

Level of holding: At the country level focusing on Khorasan provinces

Course Topics: Apitherapy,Basics of Honeybees Nutrition and Wintering

 Number of participants: 160 people

Kouhdasht Khorasan beekeeping co-operative company holds an advanced beekeeping course in order to increase the technical and updated knowledge of beekeepers with the priority of native beekeepers of Khorasan province. In this regard, the training course of the new method of producing Royal Jelly was held in the year 2017 by the company and was very welcomed by beekeepers from all over the country, fortunately, this training led to an increase in royal jelly production in Khorasan province. Considering the demands and needs of beekeepers of Khorasan province to access new beekeeping methods, this company held the advanced beekeeping course on December 14th, 2017 by inviting prominent professors in this field.

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