Kouhdasht Research and Development Unit


The research and development unit as a basic and applied scientific and research unit with the specific goals and vision to strengthen the scientific foundation of Kouhdasht Khorasan Beekeeping Production Cooperative Company was launched in 2013 and after participating in the introductory and complementary training courses of Research and Development Association of Khorasan Province in 2016 succeeded in receiving a research and development certificate from Khorasan Razavi Province Industry, Mine and Trade Organization and finally after passing one year in November 2017, the research and development unit license for the first time in the Iranian beekeeping industry was issued by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.



Kuhdasht research and development management principles are according to these bases:

• Preparing a timetable and details of the plan in the form of a proposal and receiving the necessary approvals from the factory management

• Presenting monthly reports on the process of plans implementation and activities performed at the end of each solar month

• Pursuing plans implementation and presenting a final report on implementing activities after completion of the project

• Direct supervision of the process and quality of tasks performed

• Implementing and completing plans at the determined time


Presenting the plans and activities of Kouhdasht Research and Development Unit until the beginning of 2012 should be in a way that as the leading scientific unit in the country's beekeeping industry it is performed considerably as the national and even international achievements.

Description of Research and Development Unit Duties

1. Research and formulation to produce new products based on honeybee products

2. Scientific researches concerning honeybee products

3. Attending at national and international scientific associations in the form of research and development unit of Kouhdasht honey

4. Holding conferences and specialized training courses regarding honeybee

5. Solving product qualitative problems and collaborating with production unit to offer better product

6. Producing scientific content for presentation on site, and product brochure and catalog

7. Pursuing to equip the lab with software and hardware

8. Presenting production formulation for various products in collaboration with the technical officer of the company

9. Writing specialized books in the field of beekeeping industry and honeybee products

10. Necessary approvals for the purchase of honey.

R and D 01

  • Research Areas

    1- Ethics in research

    2- Physicochemical investigation and qualitative grading of honeybee products

    3- Investigating valuable plants in Iran’s beekeeping and preparing annual beekeeping calendar

    4- Increasing the diversity and quality of products based on hive products

    5. Researches to provide a suitable scientific and economic context for the import of Iranian beekeepers' products into foreign markets

    6- Increasing basic and applied knowledge of beekeepers in the form of training courses and seminars

    This point can be achieved by relying on the expert and scientific views and investigations of the Research and Development Unit as the main trustee of research and the comprehensive support of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director of Kouhdasht Khorasan Beekeeping Production Cooperative Company.

    Members of Kouhdasht Research and Development Unit:

    • Mohammad Javad Alipour, Expert of Medicinal Plants Processing, Shahid Hashemi Nejad University

    • Seyedeh Fatemeh Hosseini, Expert of Medicinal Plants and Honeybee Products

    • Marjan Ramazani, Expert of Pure Chemistry, Mashhad Islamic Azad University

    • Mahnaz Ramazani, Master of Mineral Chemistry, Payam-e- Noor Mashhad

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