Mountain Honey 850 gr

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Mountain honey 850gr

Honey known as mountain honey is honey produced by bees from the high mountain flowers, over 1000m, from lands with all wild flowers in Khorasan province of Iran. This is a very aromatic, intense and persistent.

High mountain honey is a honey has a thick texture and has amber color. Of course, when it crystallizes your texture becomes much harder, and its color becomes white. Precisely to modify its texture and make it more liquid we can choose to follow the same steps that we would follow with any other type of honey: warm without reaching 40 ºC temperature.


Health Benefits of Mountain Honey

  •         powerhouse of an antioxidant; it increases immunity, helps fight the common cold and suppresses cough.
  •         Easing digestive issues
  •         Skin care and wound healing
  •         Protective phytonutrients


Data sheet
Weight600 گرم
قندهای احیاکننده قبل از هیدرولیزحداقل 65 درصد
میزان ساکارزحداکثر 8 درصد
رطوبت کلحداکثر 19 درصد
فعالیت دیاستازیحداقل 8
میزان پرولینحداقل 180
میزان هیدروکسی متیل فورفورال (HMF)حداکثر 30
نسبت فروکتوز به گلوکوزحداقل 9/.
گرید کیفی عسلC

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Mountain Honey 850 gr

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