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Unique honey 1700gr

Our Unique honey is a Multifloral honey from the mountains of Alborz. The honey comes from flowers such as Lavender, Astragalus, Thistle, Sage, Thyme clover and others. Its altitude varies between 2100-3000 meters from the sea level. The weather is rainy throughout the year, the temperature is usually low and there are very few sunny days per year. The whole summer season looks just like spring in the Mediterranean climate.

What gives this honey its value is the flora found in this plateau. Here we can find around 500 types of common flowers but also around 80 species of endemic types of flowers (specific to this area).


Health benefits of Anzer honey:

Unique  honey is an incredible honey, claim to be able to do the following:

· Closes operation wound earlier

· Destroy arteriosclerosis and vein hardness

· Treats cancer illness in early diagnosis

· Improves mouth wound

· Disappears broken skins

· Increases sexual power

· Improves lungs illness

· Destroys tonsil infection

· Disappears intestine infection

· Support growing

· Improves brain illness and paralysis

· Becomes easy digestion

· Gives power to memory

· Stops diarrhea

· Disappears constipation

· Improves cardiac insufficiency

· Gives power to bones

· Treats indigestions

· Treats head cold and flu

· Disappears weakness

Data sheet
Weight600 گرم
قندهای احیاکننده قبل از هیدرولیزحداقل 70 درصد
میزان ساکارزحداکثر 3 درصد
رطوبت کلحداکثر 17 درصد
فعالیت دیاستازیحداقل 8
میزان پرولینحداقل 300
میزان هیدروکسی متیل فورفورال (HMF)حداکثر 20
نسبت فروکتوز به گلوکوزحداقل 1
گرید کیفی عسلA+

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Unique Honey 1700gr

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